Marisa Vranješ is an Austrian
photographer, specialized in
analogue photography. She was
born and raised in Vienna. Her
surname reveals her Croatian

All of Marisa‘s own work is
done on film, often inspired by
art history and great cinematic
moments. This goes hand in
hand with her love for analogue
photography, and her affection
for elaborate concepts.

Analogue cameras demand
close attention and calm administration, which is
why Marisa is fond of them.
The entire process – from
taking the picture to developing
it – feeds her creativity.

The main focus of Marisa‘s work
lies on portraying the human.
Through the lens she seeks to
capture the beauty of our imperfection, otherness and inimitability.



During her years of study at
„Die Graphische“ Marisa Vranješ
founded the analoggang together
with photographers
and Kristina Satori. The group
is dedicated to the preservation of
the elegance and richness of analogue photography.